Primordial Alchemy

Module #1 | Module #2

Introduction to Primordial Alchemy

The Primordial Alchemy Webinar

Additional Training Videos

Build-Store-Release Primordial Energy

Primordial Energy to Increase Confidence Power

Blood Washing Exercise

Standing Meditation

Seated Meditation

Mental Training (Mind Force)

Lesson Assignments

  • Assignment Number 1

    Begin the process of control over your Primordial or Sexual energy.

  • Assignment Number 2

    The 7 Day Challenge to use “Sex Transmutation” to reroute your sex or primordial energy into energy you can use. Abstinence from Self Release (masturbation).

  • Assignment Number 3

    Answer the 4 Powerful Questions and how you will be able to use your own Primordial or Sexual energy to reach new heights in your life.

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