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A.Thomas Perhacs, Creator of Mind Portal
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The Mind Portal Manual
You get the comprehensive manual which covers all the concepts in detail.This is the real deal…

This is the manual that people have been talking about since I wrote the original Mastery Through Meditation back in 2000.

Once I updated it with more information on how to maximize your meditations and increase your ability to do spiritual travelling, OBEs, and Remote Viewing, I almost couldn’t keep it in stock…

Format: Instant PDF Access

Price: $19.95


The Mind Portal Audio Files

In These audio files, you will find the most detailed instruction ever on how to gain the Internal Power skills you desire…Several hours of instruction insures you the maximum instruction in these esoteric skills.

You’re getting intensive training in areas not readily taught.

Format: Instant MP3 Download

Price: $39.95

The Mind Portal Video Files Files

Video #1- Quick Start Video

In this video, I’ll explain to you exactly what you should do first with the training. I’ll explain the process and how you can get a jump start to this amazing material…

Click here for video

Video #2- How to Develop Your Own Guided Meditations

This one is easily worth the cost of the entire program (combined with the 20 audio sound files I’ve added)…

Now you can pick which meditation sounds you prefer and create your own customer guided meditations. If you hired me or my staff to do this for you, we would easily charge you $100 per track…

You’re getting 20 audio files, the scripts to use and how to use them, as well as a software system that will allow you to create Meditation, Affirmation, even Remote Viewing sessions on the fly…

Click here for Video

Video #3- How to Use Sounds, Feelings & Visualizations To Enhance The Experience

A key component to getting the Mind Portal process down is understanding your own personal representational system.

In this detailed video & audio file, I show you how to determine which system you are in and how you can use it to do amazing techniques such as Remote Viewing, Astral Projecting & Total Relaxation Techniques.

Click here for video

You’ll Also Receive

MP3 Audio File for Immediate Download

PDF Notes of This Video Training

Format: Instant Streaming Video, MP3 Audio & PDF

Price: $39.95

Mind Force Meditation: Mind Portal Customizable Audio Files For Meditation

Very Limited Time Offer
*Please Note, That It’s My Intention to Sell These Audio Files for $9.95 Each Very Soon, and $29.95 for The Subliminal Files, So I Might Remove This From The System At Anytime, So Act Now To Get All The Audios Included With Your Order…This Limited Time Inclusion, Has a Future Value of Close to $250. Today, It’s Yours For The Taking… …

No matter what sounds you like to meditate to, I’ve got one to put you in an excellent and tranquil state…

Each audio runs approximately 60 mins, and you can use it for any aspect of your meditation practice. Use the video on how to create your own guided meditations and you have what I’ve paid hundreds of dollars for in the past…

Even at $5 per track, your looking at $100, and I’m providing these with the training. The cost to produce these files was a painstaking process of editing and remixing the sound elements…

The Subliminal Files alone are worth at least $30 each, and now you get all 20 MP3s.

You won’t find a better system anywhere at any price.

The Environmental Series of Meditation Sounds

The Inter-Dimensional Series of Meditation Sounds

The Subliminal Series of Meditation Sounds

As you can see, I’m delivering more to you than any other Esoteric Meditation System.

I’ll even show you how to set up the files to be recorded with your very own voice for the guided meditation process…I wish I had this when I got stared. Would have saved me a lot of time and effort.

Format: Instant MP3 Download (20 Hours of Tracks)

Price: $240 Future Value- Included In Your Order Today!

More Bonus Manuals When You Order Today
The Meditation Guide
This simple guide will provide more information on different styles of meditation and how you can use them to enhance your life…

Click here to download

Price: $19.95


Understanding The Power of Your Dreams

In this manual, you’ll get to see 1,000 dreams interpreted. A truly unique reading experience.

The wife of a captain who has gone out to the Indian mutiny sees one night her husband standing before her with his hands pressed to his breast, and a look of suffering on his face. The agitation that she feels convinces her that he is either killed or badly wounded.

It was November 14th. The War Office subsequently publishes his death as having taken place on November 15th. She endeavors to have the true date ascertained. The War Office was wrong. He died on the 14th.

“A child six years old stops in the middle of his play and cries out, frightened: “Mamma, I have seen Mamma.” At that moment his mother was dying far away from him

“A young girl at a ball stops short in the middle of a dance and cries, bursting into tears. `My father is dead; I have just seen him.’ At that moment her father died. She did not even know he was ill.

“All these things present themselves to us as indicating not physiological operations of one brain acting on another, but psychic actions of spirit upon spirit. We feel that they indicate to us some power unknown.

This is the power dreams have over our life. They can shape and mold our future in all sorts of ways, and by harnessing that power we end up changing our lives for the better.

Click here to download

Price: $19.95-Yours FREE Today

The Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Excellent manuscript on tips, techniques and methods to take your Lucid Dreaming skills to the next level

Lucid Dreaming allows you to be more of an active participant in your dreams instead of a bystander not knowing

what is going to happen. You’ll also learn several unique “Dream Control” techniques.

Click here to download

Price: $19.95-Yours FREE Today


The CIA Remote Viewing Manual
This is the actual US Governments manual that was used by the famed “Psychic Spies” in many of the most secretive operations, and now you can see under the covers.Since this is a Government document, it is in the “Public Domain”. The key concepts you’ll learn from this is that the government has teams like this set up to retrive intel…The Russians have been doing it for years, now you get to see the US Governments actual documents.

Click here to download

Public Domain- Yours today as part of the Mind Portal System

When you put in the proper flight time with this product, you will get the results you desire.

Get ready to start on a path that is wonderful indeed in just weeks!


A. Thomas Perhacs (Al)

Author, Creator, Visionary of The Mind Force Method & Many Other Books, Systems & Programs.

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